Tree Of Life

Symposium 27.7-2.8.2014

The Tree Of Life is an old mythical symbol of creative life forces. Where can we find this tree today? We need ways to replenish our energy, strength and inspiration to balance the breathlessly fast information culture that we live in. The art of storytelling offers ways to connect to our own creativity and imagination, to meet and inspire each other and to connect more deeply to the world around us.

At this symposium, some of the world's best storytellers gather in Finland for the first time to share their expertise of the many possibilities healing storytelling has in the world today.

Thank you All for this wonderful and blessed Symposium, 

for all the meetings, the stories, and the spirit of love!

May it bring inspiration to the healing off mankind and earth.

Photos by Virgo Karp


14-21/7 2013


Igniting the Healing Word

The Story of Parzival is as old as our ancestors. It is still very much alive today and the town of Ptuj and the country Slovenia carry the heart of this myth like nowhere else on earth. Storytelling has always been about turning to our roots for sustenance and for imagining a future full of heart and inspired tales and deep conversation. This is the essence of this symposium. Come to a place where the screen is switched off, where all are invited, teachers, young and older, carers of others and troubadours and storytellers to listen. Come to tell, sing and be well together. Let the grail of the myth be a part of your story as we share this extraordinary tale and take time to reflect of the magic and healing that shines through active listening and inspired telling whether that be in a school, a pub, a theatre, a landscape or  a castle. Come make yourself welcome at this unique symposium of Parzival.


The story of Parzival will be told daily in English, Slovenian and German language . There will be workshops on storytelling skills, voice work, movement, harp-playing for storytellers, including a deepening of your understanding of the story, how to work with Parzival in education and much more! 


14/7 – 21/7 2013 


P t u j, Slovenia


Ljoba Jence (Slovenia), Micaela Sauber (Germany), Alexander Mackenzie (Great Britain), Inger Lise Oelrich (Sweden), Davor Perišič, Darja Zagorc, Ivan Peternelj (Slovenia), Nancy Thym (USA),  Vida Talajić Čuletin and Davor Lucianović (Croatia), Janis Mackay (Scotland), Regina Sommer, Thilo Viehrig (Germany).

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Price for Symposium: 290 € - extra donations very welcome, bursaries to be asked


Accommodation approximately between 17 (Hostel) and from 50 to 70 € (Hotel)
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Ljoba Jence (engl.,slo.):Ljoba.jence (at), Tel.:+386 41 430 224
Inger Lise Oelrich (engl., danish, swedish):  ilo (at)
Alexander Mackenzie (engl.) agmackenzie (at)
Micaela Sauber (deutsch): mail (at), Tel. 0049-40-4104713

Symposium 2012 - Norge

This Symposium will be a great opportunity to expand your understanding of all the myriad ways storytelling is at work in the world. Amidst the stunning boom of electronic media, we will together create a humane space for storytelling and listening to strengthen our whole being.
A new world-wide impulse for storytelling is arising today to transform an increasing array of strife and dehumanizing forces. It strengthens resilience and awakens new inspiration for life. Myths, legends and stories have helped us through many ages to grasp the mysteries of life. They inspire the heart and imagination to create space for authentic meetings, where we can realize what it means to be more fully human. As they help us to reclaim and reinvent the past, we see before us healing vistas of the heart's warmth and majesty. You are invited to discover the space within you where the sacred fire of life burns with tireless wisdom and confidence. As we commune with tales of compassion, courage and endurance, we will discover within us the gentle ingenuity that opens us to the world, dissolves deadlocks, and helps us to leap across gaps into the very heart of life. 

Course carriers:
Nancy Mellon USA: The Heart Protector; physiology and Transformational Storytelling. 
Nancy Mellon is a pioneer in therapeutic storytelling. In her courses and workshops she awakens storytelling skills to meet a broad range of challenging situations. Nancy Mellon's most recent book gives deep insight into the physiology of body and soul. Nancy has written several books on storytelling. The latest 'The Eloquence of the Body'.
Phillip Gatensby Canada: Gathering Power; discover the key to the treasure chest of resources that we all hold inside of ourselves. Through story unlock the magic of being human. 
Phillip Gatensby is a storyteller and trained аѕ a counselor, he hаѕ worked wіth people within family, education, community, аnԁ justice systems. As an elder of the indigenous Tlingit ancestry he brings with him knowledge grounded in a deep spiritual tradition. He is traveling worldwide to teach peacemaking circles and restorative justice in areas of conflict and in work with youth. His work serves аѕ a healing tool thаt саn bе used іn аƖƖ professional work areas, thе justice system, аnԁ іn уουr personal life.
Alexander Mackenzie Ireland: Fearless heart; learning to trust and enjoy speaking spontaneously from the heart without fear. 
Alexander Mackenzie is Managing Director of Parable UK Ltd. Parable has been an independent consultancy since 1994 offering Storytelling within a business context. Alexander's background is as a professional storyteller, care manager for challenging youth and a teacher before becoming a business consultant. The essence of all Parable programs is based on experiential learning that combines head, heart and practical application of the arts in business.
Margot Henderson UK: The Breath of the Bard: Ways to awaken our native heart with song poetry and story. 
Margot Henderson is a nationally acclaimed poet, storyteller and community artist. Her uniqueness lies in her ability to draw on her range of skills in poetry, storytelling, movement and voice to work with people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds to create and inspire. Her work takes place in diverse settings ranging from schools, hospitals, community centres, prisons and homeless shelters to museums, theatres, galleries and international conferences.
Marianne Christensen Denmark: A piece of my Heart; how can we observe the feelings involved in meetings with other people. 
Marianne Christensen works with storytelling as a healing art in different ways as a storyteller, therapist and coach. She combines storytelling, massage and hypnosis in a unique way to create change for people who seek her advice. She facilitates groups and courses about storytelling and personal development. Contact +4530254774,  (Scandinavian language)
  • My voice Treasure Chest - Movement- Rhythm KARI HUSTAD Norway
  • The Storytelling Body (pantomime) SAID SALAMA Israel/Palestine
  • Games CARL OLSEN New Zealand/Norway
  • Yoga and Pranayama Yoga MARIUS GOLBERG Norway
  • Community and Healing through storytelling; in hospitals, conflicts, family etc INGER LISE OELRICH Denmark/Sweden and others…..
Tuition fee: NOK. 3´500,- (Student discount) + Food and accommodation (prices in registration form)
Space is limited signing up early is advised, registration deadline 15 June 2012
For more information contact Nordic ALBA Norway Ivanir Hasson Olsen
Email:  tel: +47 40410282, 
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